Zrenjanin Joins the Investment Map Reporting

Today, the city of Zrenjanin began with regular reporting on investment maps within the Digital Platform, supported by the Republic Geodetic Authority, Development Agency of Vojvodina and Swedish Development Agency (SIDA).

Reporting is the result of activity within the “Improvement of Investment Environment” project with a view to establish the model for the future National Investment Location Registry. The new investment location register, together  with the constant growth of rating of the Republic of Serbia, will contribute considerably to attraction of new investors and, therefore, the economic growth of local communities, Vojvodina and the Republic of Serbia as a whole.

During the current phase of the project the goal is to create and inventory of existing capacities, available data, as well as learning of the business processes and strategies of the municipalities for attracting investors.

Based on these mapped processes, while taking into account all the specificalities of the municipalities, the goal of the project is to create a common set of attributes that will describe the investment location in an uniform manner on the whole territory of Serbia.

Along the established models, within the main expected results, the project will also establish mechanism for regular reporting by which the sustainability and regular updating of the register are achieved.

Until the model is establish, elven municipalities selected to implement the initial phase of the project will report through currently available means, showcasing their capacities and readiness for potential investments starting on day one.

That way, the NISD Digital Platform becomes an everyday promotion tool and aid during decision making for investments or presentation to potential investors.

Приказ инвестиционе локације

Other investment locations of the following locations will also soon join the investment locations of Zrenjanin:

  • Vranje
  • Sombor
  • Požarevac
  • Pirot
  • Knjaževac
  • Ćuprija
  • Čačak
  • Bor
  • Arilje
  • Valjevo

Despite the fact that the analytical  part of the project is connected to the abovementioned eleven municipalities, all interested municipalities are called to join the reporting.

You can see the data on Zrenjanin’s investment locations on the following link: https://a3.geosrbija.rs/share/49894335fc04