Updated and improved data about the protected sites on the geoportal

Spatial data on the protected sites published on Geoportal is updated with the latest digital spatial data of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, in accordance with established successful cooperation with the Republic Geodetic Authority.

The digital spatial data that the Institute recently submitted relates to protected sites of Serbia, and express all the changes that were made in the past in relation to earlier spatial data. These data covers the new protected sites, as well as those protected sites for which are revised studies of protection. Expansion of geographic information systems as an integral part of the unified digital information system of the Institute, as well as geoportal which contains geographical digital data on protected sites of Serbia for the period of the past two years, have been realized thanks to an increase in the percentage of protected territory of Serbia at 6.38 percent, as well as conducted revisions of the studies of protection for some protected sites.

Improving of geospatial data regarding the protected sites of Serbia on geoportal is expressed through precise information about the boundaries of the protected sistes, thanks to the cooperation of the Republic Geodetic Authority and the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia.

Within the framework of the protection studies of the Institute which represent expert-documented basis for initiation of protect proceedings, data on cadastral municipalities is included, data relating to the borders, zone regime of protection, as well as other spatial data on natural resources. Protected sites are recorded in the register of protected sites, which represents an electronic database on protected sites, areas under preliminary protection, protected species and mobile protected natural documents, and managed as Central and Provincial. Providing spatial data on protected natural heritage of Serbia, contributes to establishing and building the NSDI, but also to the improvement of the system of nature protection in Serbia.