Topographic map in scale 1: 20 000 is published

Topographic map in scale 1: 20 000 is published on the national geoportal “Geosrbija” for South Serbia.

Within the implementation of the IGIS program through the project “Establishment of a national spatial data infrastructure and a center for remote sensing of the Republic of Serbia” there were produced 71 sheets of topographic map in scale 1: 20 000 for South Serbia.

Sheets of topographic maps were made for the municipalities of: Merosina, Zitoradja, Vlasotince, Babusnica, Crna Trava, Bosilegrad and Surdulica; parts of the territory of the municipalities of Aleksinac, Prokuplje, Doljevac, Major, Gadzin Han, Pirot, Dimitrovgrad, Vladicin Han, Vranje, Vranjska Banja and Targovishte, as well as parts of the city of Nis and Leskovac.

Data are available for insight at the Geoportal “Geosrbija” and INSPIRE web-portal for users from the state institutions that have access the portal.

3D vector topographic data were collected based on aerial photogrammetric survey realized in 2011 and 2012 that are structured in a basic topographic model (OTM), which relate to thematic units, buildings, road networks, hydrography, land cover, relief and lines. Based on these data and data from the other subsystems of geodetic and cadastral information system (GKIS) for thematic units: geodetic basis, protected areas, register of state borders, register of spatial units, geographic and other names; sheets are made of topographic maps in scale 1: 20 000 in the UTM projection in line with the Cartographic key.

У току је израда нових листова топографске карте 1 : 20 000, који ће бити сукцесивно објављивани на геопорталу.

The preparation of the new topographic map sheets in scale 1: 20 000 is in progress, which will be successively published on Geoportal.