The workshop within IMPULS project about the Draft Law on NSDI

The President of the NSDI Council and RGA Director Borko Drašković opened the national workshop as part of Work Package 2 “Data exchange policy and regulation” emphasizing the importance of “Open Data” Initiative for the development of the NSDI in Serbia, as well as connecting on the European level.

Experts from Sweden Geodetic Administration „Lantmäteriet“ Ms. Katrin Falk and Ms. Ljerka Marić from the State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia, during the workshop, presented to our experts and authors of the Draft Law on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure challenges and obstacles that they encountered in Sweden and Croatia during the transposition of the INSPIRE directive into their national legislation.

Draft Law on NSDI in which in the Serbian national legislation is fully transfering INSPIRE Directive, was presented by Mr. Mladen Dugonjić from the Republic Geodetic Authority, who then presented the opened issues which are primarily related to the financing of the NSDI, pricing policy and provision of free data sets and services.

Ms. Katrin Falk explained that of the 24 institutions which provide data for its infrastructure of spatial data in Sweden, only 5 institutions charge for their information. Collection of these data is unified, but what is important, is that the data to be charged from year to year is less, but the ultimate goal is that all become free. She also said that municipalities pay for SDI services in proportion to the number of inhabitants in the municipality and the opinion is that this is a good solution that satisfied everyone.

Ms. Ljerka Marić stressed that Croatia and Serbia have similar experiences in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. Participants were able to learn how and when implementation of the INSPIRE directive in Croatia started, the implementation phase, as well as the results achieved in the establishment of national spatial data infrastructure in Croatia. It is recommended that Serbia implement the Directive in accordance with EU deadlines to get everything ready at the time of the full membership.

Further development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure is provided through a World Bank project “Improvement of land administration in Serbia.” The funds will finance the development of national geoportal with full capacity, which will allow spatial data from the different state institutions and public companies to easily connect and share through the Internet as well as to be easily accessible to end users.

The task of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure is the establishment and maintenance of international cooperation for the mutual exchange of information and service about spatial data, and it is especially important to cooperate at European level in the field of geoinformation.

At the national workshop on March 23rd 2016, in addition to representatives of the RGA, NSDI Council members and members of working groups on legal framework, technical framework and cooperation were participated.