The Floods 2014: Imagery before and after the floods

The tool for view of imagery before and after floods is available on the web page dedicated to information about floods.

Republic Geodetic Authority has enabled view of images before and after flood via the web page about floods. By using this tool, it is possible to compare easily the images of the most damaged areas before the floods and to observe immense changes on the field caused by the natural disaster.

It is available characteristic imagery from Obrenovac, the flooded open coal mining Kolubara, landslides and torrential deposits in Krupanj, the flood extend at the confluence of Drina River into Sava River as well as Ibarska magistrala road. Imagery on 19th and 21st May 2014 for the area of the Ibarska magistrala in settlements Piroman and Liso Polje show soundly how the water is withdrawn in two days. This indicates unambiguously the importance of prompt response and timely acquisition and relevant spatial information in emergency cases.