The agreement on financing of the RGA project from PROFID funds is signed

In the Government of the Republic of Serbia an agreement was signed on the financing of the project “Harmonisation with EU legislation in the field of Spatial Data Infrastructure by defining the Technical Specifications for the new National Geoportal in accordance with the INSPIRE requirements”.

The agreement was signed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration Gordana Stamenić, senior adviser of SIPU International AB Bjorn Bengtson and Director of the Republic Geodetic Authority Zoran Krejović.

Project Fund for Institutional Development (PROFID) was established in accordance with a special agreement between the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Sweden for the project “Support to public administration reform in Serbia from 2010 to 2013th year”. The main objective of the Project Fund is to provide timely and adequate support for the implementation of the public administration reform in accordance with the requirements stemming from the EU integration process.

By implementation of this project the Republic Geodetic Authority will produce Technical Specification for the new National Geoportal according to the INSPIRE requirements. Technical specification represents the necessary documentation for the implementation of the tender documents and the selection of the contractors to develop software applications for the new National Geoportal. It is planned to develop the National Geoportal by financing from loan funds of the World Bank.

The completion period of the project is planned for December 15, 2014.