TAIEX Expert mission on transposition of INSPIRE directive

Expert mission on transposition of INSPIRE directive was held in Belgrade in the period from 19th to 21st May 2014.

With the support of the European Commission, through the TAIEX instrument, the expert mission was organized to support the transposition of the INSPIRE Directive into the national legislation. TAIEX is an instrument for technical assistance and exchange of information managed by the Directorate General for Enlargement. TAIEX provides assistance to the new EU member states, candidate countries and the Western Balkan countries in the process of harmonization of national legislation with EU legal framework.

According to the National Plan for the Adoption of the Acquis, Republic Geodetic Authority was determined as the responsible institution for the transposition of the INSPIRE Directive through the adoption of the Law on the NSDI.

Expert mission was organized in order to find solutions to define an adequate legal framework and appropriate terms for the implementation of the INSPIRE directive. The main subject of discussion during the mission was a draft Law on the NSDI, which was prepared by the working team.

The mission was carried out with the support of experts from the European National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies:

  • Ulla Kronborg Mazzoli from the Danish Ministry of the Environment – Danish Geodata Agency

  • Tomaž Petek from the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia

The experts are actively involved in the INSPIRE implementation at the national level and in the implementation of the key European projects in the area of geoinformation. In addition, they act as the national contact points for coordination with the European Commission.

During the mission the following topics were included:

  • Introduction to the national experiences in Denmark and Slovenia and challenges in the implementation of the INSPIRE directive

  • Good practice in creation of the technical framework at the European level

  • Overview of the status in Serbian geosector

  • Introduction to the draft Law on the NSDI

  • Discussion on open issues and recommendations for defining of the solutions

  • Challenges in defining and implementation of the strategic goals of the NSDI

Besides the representatives of the RGA, the mission was attended by the members of working teams for preparing the draft Law on the NSDI and strategy, as well as representatives of other institutions that actively participate in the establishment of the NSDI.

Thanks to the wide experience and engagement of experts, as well as the active participation of the attendants, many open questions were clarified during the discussions and recommendations were made for the definition of specific legislation solutions. Experts estimated that the draft law on the NSDI in fully conveys the basic principles of the INSPIRE directive, and sets good foundation for sustainable use in practice.

Having in mind the enormous damage caused by the floods in Serbia, it was stressed that reliable, timely and accessible spatial information play the key role in making plans for the defense and mitigating the effects of disasters. Only through coordinated activities, such as the implementation of the INSPIRE directive, can be provided relevant geoinformation for timely action in the risk situations.