Swedish experts in the Republic Geodetic Authority

Director of the Republic Geodetic Authority Borko Drašković received on Tuesday, 23rd of August, a delegation of the Swedish National Agency Lantmäteriet.

During the meeting it was discussed about plans for further development of spatial data infrastructure at national and regional level and benefits that brings this kind of cooperation.

A unique infrastructure of geospatial data allows more efficient management of national resources and provides a wealth of information for quick and easy decision at all levels of government. The Swedish Government through the IMPULS project supports the leading role of the Republic Geodetic Authority in the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and encourages cooperation with other state institutions and private companies that produce spatial data. The aim of creating the infrastructure is to exchange geospatial data for more efficient use of spatial information. At the regional level it is necessary to ensure that the national infrastructure easily connect into a single system.

Delegation of IMPULS project, consisting of Christina Wasstrom, Bjorn Jonsson, Anders Ryden and Sanja Zekušić concluded that in the coming period, the Swedish experts within the project will support the creation of a national metadata catalog, development and definition of the new bylaws after the entry into force of the Law on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.