One of the NSDI strategic areas is creating of a service oriented network of cooperating entities based on common frameworks, regulated in agreements and contracts. It must stimulate data sharing in order to improve public sector operations and respect the stakeholders’ data ownership through the systematic long-term cooperation.

Important component for achievement of the effective infrastructure depend on credence and association among all involved parties across administrative boundaries. The success of the accomplishment the strategic objectives will depend on how well the cooperation and management can be reached in practice in according with action plan. The engagement of the partners to work together to achieve the objectives is key to the success of the strategy.

The efficient and cost-effective sharing of information across the public and private sector requires the use of common sets fundamental spatial data through services of guaranteed availability and quality. Program of strategic actions need to ensure exploits the full value of information regarding space in multiple ways for benefit of society as a whole.

Geodetic organizations perform professional works regarding survey, production, maintenance and renewal of the Real Estate and Utility Cadastre. Furthermore, they produce technical documentation, topographic plans for the purposes of urban and other types of planning, and geodetic works in engineering and technical fields.

Republic Geodetic Authority has composed a questionnaire for potential partners with regard to the establishment of national spatial data infrastructure in Serbia. This questionnaire was prepared in order to gather valuable knowledge with regard to sources, usage and needs for spatial data by potential partners. This questionnaire was filled in on voluntary basis and the data shall be used exclusively for the needs of research with regard to users’ demands and expectations, with the aim of creating the strategy for the establishment of NSDI in Serbia.

Republic Geodetic Authority
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia
Seismological survey of Serbia
Geological survey of Serbia
Institute for nature conservation of Serbia
Agency for Environmental Protection
PE Roads of Serbia
Institute for Nature conservation of Vojvodina province