SPOT5 mosaic of satellite system imagery on the Geoportal

RGA has published on the Geoportal mosaic for the territory of Republic of Serbia that is built on SPOT5 satellite system imagery.

SPOT5 satellite imagery were provided within the Project “Establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and Remote Sensing Centre – based on IGIS system”, and cooperation of RGA with company “Airbus Defence and Space”.

Satellite images were acquired in 2011 for the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Processing of the satellite images and creation of the satellite mosaic was done by using Pixel Factory software system. Orthorectification of satellite imagery was performed using Digital Terrain Model with 30m resolution, which is generated on the previously produced Digital Terrain Model within CARDS project.

Resolution of the SPOT5 satellite mosaic is 2.5m, and positional accuracy is ± 5m. Mosaic is in ETRS89 spatial reference system in UTM projection for zone 34N.

SPOT5 mosaic satellite system is public available on Geoportal “GeoSrbija”. Besides, users from public institutions who have access to INSPIRE web portal, developed within IGIS project, can use services for view of SPOT5 mosaic and other data sets.

For all other additional information please contact Sector for Topography and Mapping – Department for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.