Spatial Units Register Available to All

The Republic Geodetic Authority has provided free access to a set of data of national importance – the Register of Spatial Units, thus ensuring the availability of this data without restrictions in its use and publication.

Starting from December 14 2019, when the Law on Amendments to the Law on Republican Administrative Fees (Official Gazette RS 86/2019) came into force, all interested parties can download for free the spatial units register through the open data service of the national geospatial data infrastructure: / services / open-data-nigp /. The data is available in the following formats: CSV, JSON, XLSX, SQLite, GPKG, GML.

The availability, reliability and timeliness of spatial data are the backbone of the development of the state and society. Due to the importance of data exchange and their further distribution within the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), open NSDI data aims to enable more free use of public sector spatial data by all citizens, government institutions and the economy.

A spatial unit register is a public record that contains alphanumeric and geospatial data on spatial units, including the hierarchy of spatial units and historical data. Spatial units containing the register of spatial units are: Republic, autonomous province, administrative district, local self-government unit (city of Belgrade, city, municipality), city municipality, cadastral district, cadastral municipality, settlement, local community, statistical circle, census circle and spatial units defined by the nomenclature of statistical territorial units.