Settlements from EuroRegionalMap on the Geoportal

Data on settlements from topographic data set EuroRegionalMap available on Geoportal.

EuroRegionalMap is the European topographic dataset in scale 1: 250 000. Product is created in collaboration with the European National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities based on official national databases under umbrella of the European association EuroGeographics.

National topographic data is collected from different sources and adapted to the defined technical product specification. Topographic data for Serbia for themes of administrative units, hydrography, settlements and part of the transport networks (rail, airports and ports) is included in EuroRegionalMap ver. 7.0.

National data on settlements within EuroRegionalMap data set includea following spatial features:

  • Settlements presented as a point

  • Settlements presented as a polygon, when the area of urban zone is larger than 0.4km2

The settlements and urban areas have been collected using topographic maps, where the location’s correction was done using orthophoto produced in the framework of the CARDS program and SPOT5 satellite imagery mosaic with resolution of 2.5m which was provided under the IGIS project.

Beside the spatial information, data on settlements includes and other attributes such as the name of settlement (Cyrillic and Latin alphabet and ASCII character set); identification number and population of the settlement. Data on the population are obtained from the National Statistical Office based on the final results of the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in 2011.

Data on settlements are available on the Geoportal in the category Topographic Maps/EuroRegionalMap.