REST API (RESTful Application Programming Interface) is a web-based service that uses the
REST (Representational State Transfer) software architecture.

Ease of use, easy implementation in any application, and legible formats highlighted REST software architecture as the most modern in the world.

REST API The National Geospatial Data Infrastructure currently enables the transfer of data from the address register, the administrative unit registry and the digital cadastral map over the network (JSON), with geometry (GeoJSON) in the UTM projection (EPSG: 32634 – WGS 84 / UTM zone 34N).

REST API service enables our clients to use the previously mentioned datasets for filtering, displaying and searching in real time with a very fast response. By using our REST API service, you can be sure at all times that you are updating up-to-date information that is in our database.

The request for obtaining an order can be sent to the e-mail address, and applicants can currently be public authorities, state bodies and organizations, bodies and organizations of territorial autonomy and local self-government units.