The national application which enables searching, creating, maintaining and sharing metadata for spatial datasets, data series, and services.

App for the collaboration between relevant national and regional communities, web place for support, training, informing, ideas and opportunities.

National web GIS application which provides the display, search, analysis, transformation, creation, sharing and maintenance of geospatial data of Serbia.

Our Services

Our experience in managing geospatial information is focused on the needs of end users and innovations.
We improve, change, maintain spatial registers, learn and create opportunities together.

Android application which represents a fast link to the Digital Platform.

Service for downloading standard datasets which provide an easier exchange.

List of responsible public authorities defined by the NSDI Council.

List of authorities responsible for creating, collecting and maintaining geodata.

We create spatial registers together! Mobile application for data collection.

Overview of currently available standard OGC data exchange services.

Overview of the currently available standard REST services for networking registers.

Spatial data transformation service and change of exchange formats.

A program for strengthening the capacities of local governments and the communities through the knowledge exchange and training.

We create standard registers together! Assistance in the preparation of methodological guidelines for harmonization.

3D view. Web application based on the Cesium platform.

Open sets of data from responsible NSDI entities.

Search and overview/access data to parcels, objects, and addresses.

Overview of currently available planning documentation.

National catalog of the Investment location (Greenfield, Brownfield, Greyfield).

Public view of Real Estate Transfer Register.

Public view into the Condominium register.

Public view into data on protected areas of the Republic of Serbia.

Data from Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

Public view into data for flood monitoring in 2014.

Physical and biological coverage of Earth surface including artificial surfaces.

Public view into data on air, water, precipitation, climatological and weather stations.

Names of areas, regions, cities, towns or settlements, or any geographical or
topographical feature 

Public view into seismic hazard data. Data of the Republic Seismological Institute.

Overview of currently available geological maps. They include rocky soil, aquifers and geomorphology.

This set of data contains immovable cultural goods, as well as immovable cultural goods of exceptional and great significance.

Set of data from the Administration for Agricultural Land – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

This set of data contains information of cultural institutions for the whole territory of the Republic of Serbia in four languages.

Overview of available locations for exploring and learning about the personality of the
World War I.