RGA on the INSPIRE Conference 2016

INSPIRE Conference 2016 was devoted to reviewing the legal and technical solutions in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, the challenges in interoperability mode of funding to improve the infrastructure of geospatial data and development activities.

During the conference, which was organized in Barcelona, Spain, from 26th to 30th of September, the applied solutions and the implementation of planned activities INSPIRE Directive in Europe through plenary sessions, presentations and workshops were presented.

The European Union in the last decade adopted a number of legal frameworks for the protection and preservation of the environment. Seventh Environment Programme EU which implements European environmental policy has identified the most important goal and found that the implementation of the EU INSPIRE Directive is one of the instruments to achieve the objectives in the areas that are defined as priorities.

Implementing the INSPIRE Directive provides more efficient exchange of spatial data at national level and in the field of cross-border cooperation and their efficient use. This requires effective cooperation of all public institutions and a high level of legal and technical compatibility, which was carried out in the framework of a Unique digital market of EU.

In the context of INSPIRE Conference, Republic Geodetic Authority actively participated in the workshop: Financing advancing spatial data infrastructure, which was organized by FAO, the World Bank, UNECE and EC JRC. On the workshop RGA presented significant examples of development projects and public-private partnerships that have affected the implementation of spatial data infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia as well as future development plans in this area in the period 2016-2020.

Also at the conference was presented the regional IMPULS project in whose implementation in addition to other national institutions involved the Republic Geodetic Authority and whose primary objective is to support the national cadastral and cartographic institutions of the Western Balkan countries in adopting their business requirements of the INSPIRE Directive.

Representatives of the Republic Geodetic Authority took the opportunity to visit Barcelona and the regional center of the Spanish Directorate of Cadastral where they had the opportunity to meet with their organizational structure, system operation and business principles.