Access and use of geodata is available through the application a3.geosrbija.rs. For this purpose, user account can be assigned to public authorities: state administration bodies and organizations, bodies and organizations of territorial authonomy and local self-government units. 
There are four types of user accounts of the above mentioned authorities: Responsible NSDI stakeholder account, NSDI stakeholder account, Project account and Partner account.

The rights on the account are determined by the analysis of needs based on the submitted request.
User account can have the following additional options regarding public access:

  • More application functionalities;
  • Possibility to download data between NSDI entities;
  • Possibility to publish the themes of the institution;
  • Possibility of using specialized themes visible only for this institution;
  • The ability of collecting data using the application;
  • Possibility of customer support.

The request for the creation of an account shall be submitted to the Republic Geodetic Authority, or the Center for Management of Geospatial Data, to the e-mail address cugp@rgz.gov.rs or by post to Bulevar vojvode Mišića 39, Belgrade.
An applicant with the request for the creation of an account is obligatory to fill out a questionnaire relating to the name / name and surname, address, registry and tax number, email address and telephone number of the applicant as well as general information about the project being implemented, etc.
The request for creating an account is decided within 15 working days.

  • Existence of a signed agreement on the exchange, access and use of geodata;
  • Existence of positive decision on the request;
  • Existence of the official e-mail address of the institution.

The account is extinguished in the following occasions:

  • In case of termination of the agreement on the exchange, access and use of geodata;
  • Completion of the project/ The end of the project;
  • In case of gross violation of the terms of use of the application.

Data on cadastral parcels and objects are an integral part of the Digital Cadastral Plan (DCM). These data are updated on the digital platform Geosrbija once a month, on the first weekend of the month and represent the publication of data from the central database. The data in the central database are created by migrating the data of each individual cadastral municipality. The date of migration or entry of original data from the competent the real estate cadastre office is the date that is displayed in the attributes of the subject cadastral parcel in the section Updated.

It is not possible to carry out migration at once for the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia, but it is carried out according to the order of priority by first updating urban areas with a larger number of changes, and then rural areas. For questions regarding the priority of migration, you can contact Info centar of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

The implementation of the project “Real estate management in Serbia”, which is being implemented with the support of the World Bank, is underway, with the aim of establishing a Central Information System for Real Estate Cadastre, which will ensure greater up-to-date DCM data published on the Geosrbija digital platform.

You can report detected errors on the digital platform Grosrbija by registering on the application NSDI Collaboration Platform  https://collab.geosrbija.rs/register. This application, among other things, enables the mechanism of a unique record of detected errors, influencing their reduction and elimination, as well as the review of production processes on the part of the data owner, ie the data provider.

By reporting errors in this way, with your support, we jointly control the quality of published data and services on the digital platform Geosrbija.

The owner of the data is responsible for the content and quality of spatial data published on the digital platform Geosrbija. In that sense, requests related to the correction of published data should be addressed to the owner of that data.
Thus, for example, to correct an error in the data of the cadastral parcel, such as: border, area, number/ subnumber of the parcel, owner / user of the parcel, etc. the request shall be submitted to the competent real estate cadastre office, on whose territory the specific real estate is located, or to the Real Estate Cadastre Sector, responsible for all real estate cadastre offices.

For contact details of the competent real estate cadastre office, ie the Real Estate Cadastre Sector, contact Info centar of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

Questions or requests regarding legal documentation related to real estate cadastre data can be sent to the e-mail address pravnapodrska@rgz.gov.rs