Public invitation for participation in drafting the Law on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Republic Geodetic Authority begins public debate on the draft law on the national spatial data infrastructure in the period from 18 November to 7 December 2016.

Republic Geodetic Authority invites representatives of state bodies, public services, economic entities, professional and academic public, international organizations, civil sector and other interested parties to participate in the public debate to be organized in accordance with the Program of public debate, which was adopted.

The roundtable will be held on Monday, 21 November 2016, starting at 12 am, at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, Resavska 15, room 1 on the ground floor. The draft law is going to be presented by Darko Vucetic, the head of the Department for the establishment and development of the NSDI.

Participants in the public debate may sent comments on the draft law on national spatial data infrastructure on email: or by mail to the following address: Republic Geodetic Authority, Legal Department, Belgrade, street: Bulevar vojvode Misica 39.

Republic Geodetic Authority will analyze the submitted proposals and comments, and based on them will improve the text of the draft law on national spatial data infrastructure.