Presentation of the Republic Geodetic Authority and cooperation with the Local Government

In organization of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities the seventh meeting was held on GIS network on 12 April 2017 in Belgrade

At a meeting of the oldest SCTM network, which is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, that was attended by over 50 representatives of cities and municipalities, and the topic of the meeting was the establishment of information systems on the territory of the national and local levels.

Representatives of the Republic Geodetic Authority, Vesna Protulipac and Djordje Vukovic presented the current activities to improve the quality of the data of address register and establish a register of residential communities. For the quality of these registers is essential good cooperation between local governments and the RGA and the conclusion of this meeting is that the cooperation is significantly better.

Representative of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure presented the concept of an information system on the situation in the field, which should be established at the national level, as part of a national spatial data infrastructure.

Expert from the Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning of Serbia presented the analysis of the capacities of local governments for the establishment and management of local spatial information systems. The analysis showed that local governments have not started to introduce these spatial information systems, primarily because the Law on Planning and Construction is vague as to the content of these spatial information systems. The analysis shows that the further development requires cooperation with the ministry and other organizations from the national level.

Participants were invited to give their suggestions on the proposal of the conclusions and recommendations of the analysis, which will after the adoption of the Committee on Urban Planning SCTM be forwarded to the relevant ministry. Presentations were given by representatives of local governments from Novi Pazar and Aleksinac. Both projects are the result of the support of the European Progress.