Orthophoto is published for the nine city areas

Republic Geodetic Authority has published on national geoportal “Geosrbija” orthophoto for the nine city areas.

On the 25th August 2014, orthophoto of 10 cm resolution was published for the nine city areas of : Ada, Backi Jarak, Zabalj, Kaniza, Mol, Knezevac, Senta, Srbobran and Temerin.

Data have been published on the national geoportal “Geosrbija” at the category Orthophoto-10cm_2011.

Orthophoto for the city areas is produced on the basis of aerial acquisition realized in 2011 within the framework of the IGIS project. Aerial image acquisition has beeen performed using digital, multispectral photogrammetric cameras UltraCamX of of 7.2 microns resolution and UltraCamXp of 6 microns resolution, and with forward overlap of 60% and side overlap of 30%. Georeferencing parameters for orthophoto are defined by the parameters of SRB_ETRS89/UTM reference system at the projection plane, while the mean square error of positional coordinates is ± 20 cm.

For additional information, contact the Department for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing via phone 011/715-2689.