New mobile application Geosrbija Kat

The Republic Geodetic Authority has developed a new mobile application Geosrbija Kat, which is completely free to download on Google Play Store as well as in the Huawei Store. The new mobile application enables the simplest and fastest access to spatial data of the real estate cadastre in the Republic of Serbia.

Users are enabled to have access at any time to data on parcels, real estate, as well as licensed geodetic organizations and law firms that are connected to the RGA information system. In addition, it is possible to access the register of facilities, i.e. the database of new and completely changed facilities that are subject to legalization, but also areas and information on land consolidation in Serbia. What is especially interesting is that now, through the mobile application Geosrbija Kat, users can access and view the data from the Price Register, i.e. data on the situation on the real estate market in Serbia.

Geosrbija Kat is able to determine the current location of the user and a quick search by parcels, facilities and addresses is enabled, which helps a lot in finding the desired location. By looking at the data on the property from the database of the Real Estate Cadastre, the previous requests for the selected real estate can be seen. The application enables interactive work with data alongside the additional functions that are available, such as data analysis, their creation, sharing and the like.

The application can be downloaded at this link.