National Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Balkan region

Within the Impuls project – work package 2 ” Data policy exchange and regulations ” national workshop was held – a roundtable which host was Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska.

The objectives of the roundtable were to present past experiences in developing of the legal and regulatory framework of national spatial data infrastructure in the Balkan region, to point to possible difficulties in the way of the development of the legislative framework, as well as to share experience gained in this field and strengthen communication with stakeholders.

The following topics were presented:

  • Development path of NSDI Law and cooperation with stakeholders in Croatia,

  • Obstacles and problems in the process of adopting NSDI legislation in Macedonia,

  • NSDI development process of the legal framework and strategy in Serbia,

  • Status of NSDI legislative framework in Montenegro,

  • Development of the NSDI strategy and legislative framework in the Federation of BiH,

  • Local stakeholders and the NSDI in the Republic of Srpska.

At the round table, in addition to representatives of the host, members of the Council of Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Republic of Srpska representatives and cadastral mapping agencies from the region were attended: State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Macedonia, the Real Estate Administration of Montenegro, the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Federation of BiH and Republic Geodetic Authority of the Republic of Serbia.