National Coordinator Workshop within the IMPULS project

In the period from 27.03. until 29.03.2018. the National Coordinator Workshop within the IMPULS project was held in Javle, Sweden, organized by the Swedish Agency for Cartography, Cadastre and Land Registration, Lantmateriet, on the subject: “Developed coordination processes and introduction to modeling for data sharing, obstacles and further development”.

The national coordinators’ workshop within the IMPULS project were attended by representatives of national cartographic and cadastre agencies from the Western Balkan region who, together with Swedish experts and a representative of the Croatian State Geodetic Administration, actively discussed topics related to the institutions responsible for the role of the coordinator for the establishment and maintenance national geospatial data infrastructure.

The workshop was divided into two parts, so that the first part was related to the role, responsibilities and organizational structure of the national coordinators, and the second part was related to the initial consideration of the data sharing model. During the workshop the themes were elaborated by presenting the current and planned situation within each institution, after which, as a result of the active and mutual discussion, a common conclusion followed in the sense of the clearly defined tasks of the national coordinators. The work also took place through a series of practical tasks set by Swedish experts that served as a form of testing of the current role and organizational structure of the national coordinators.

The common understanding and purpose of the data sharing model is also defined as the result of a previously filled in questionnaire by each involved institution, which concerned the definition of the geo-datasets, their owners and users, as an analysis of legal regulations for the purpose of uninterrupted sharing, access and use of geodata. In relation to this topic in the coming period, it is planned to organize national workshops on which the geodata sharing model will be discussed together with the NSDI stakeholders.

The participation and results of this workshop were of great benefit for the coordination of activities in the field of establishment and maintenance of the national spatial data infrastructure, considering that according to the Draft Law on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which is currently in place before adoption in the parliamentary procedure, it is stipulated that the Republic Geodetic Authority , as the National Contact Point performs a number of tasks in that area.