Meeting of the Steering Committee of the IMPULS Project

Regular meeting of the national coordinators and board of IMPULS project was held.

The regular meeting of the national coordinators and the board of IMPULS project was held in Zagreb on 13th and 14th April. At the meeting, beside representatives of the Republic Geodetic Authority, representatives of cadastral and cartographic institutions that are participants in the regional IMPULS project as well as representatives Lantmateriet were attended.

At the meeting of national coordinators the current and reconciled the future activities of the institutions participating in the project were discussed, as well as the status of the project in the first quarter of 2016 and the semi-annual report of the project (November 2015 – April 2016). On the meeting were discussed the problems and proposals for the improvement and harmonization of the work plan for 2016. On this occasion, were also presented short presentations by colleagues from the region on the current activities, initiatives and projects within each institution.

Meeting of National Coordinators has also served as preparation for the meeting of the Steering Committee of the IMPULS project, whose members are the directors of all institutions in the region participating in the project.

At the meeting of the Board of Directors the report on activities for the period November 2015 – April 2016, the work plan for 2016, cooperation between the institutions after the completion of the project were discussed, as well as the cooperation of the IMPULS project and EuroGeographics. It was emphasized the satisfaction with the realization of the project activities and was agreed the activities for the year of 2016. In particular, it was an interesting discussion on cooperation in the framework of the ELF (European Location Framework) project in which the Republic Geodetic Authority participates from 29th of February 2016 as the only institution in the region of the Western Balkans, which was presented by the Executive Director of EuroGeographics, Mr Mike Corey and Ms. Patricia Sokacova, Communication Manager of EuroGeographics.