Meeting of the IMPULS Project National Coordinators

In Gävle, at the meeting of the national coordinators from 2nd to 3rd February, in detail the proposals and suggestions for the successful implementation of the project was discussed.

After an introduction by the Swedish experts, it was discussed of the common vision and future activities of the project. A joint exercise was carried out of the visualization and planning processes and activities and it was discussed about their mutual interactions. During this exercise, the performance indicators and risks for each activity, were determined.

It was also considered a new pilot project, and then the application that would serve for better communication and exchange of documents between the project participants.

Once again the budgetary framework for the IMPULS project was determined and defined the content of a website which will serve for the presentation of IMPULS project.

Finally, a brief presentation of the national coordinators introduced colleagues from the region on activities, initiatives and projects within their organizations.