Meeting of the IMPULS Project National Coordinators

At the coordinators’ meeting in Zagreb, on December 14th, the discussions had covered proposals and suggestions for improving and coordinating the working plan for the first quarter of 2016 in detail, and the detailed program of upcoming national and regional workshops was developed, including themes, time and place of workshops.

National coordinators had given short presentations to introduce the colleagues from the region to the activities, initiatives and projects under their organizations.

The Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA) had presented data on the IMPULS Project budget for 2016, and representatives of the Project beneficiaries had presented proposals to improve future cooperation under the Project.

In order to additionally assure successful implementation of the IMPULS Project, national coordinators, Croatian and Swedish experts had done an analysis of previous workshops’ results during the meeting and drawn the conclusions about the items under the project that can be improved.

During the meeting in Zagreb, new regional coordinators were appointed for each work package, and the new manager of the IMPULS Project was presented, as appointed by the Swedish Geodetic Administration – Lantmäteriet, Lenart Johanson.

Lenart Johanson had worked under the Sector for International Cooperation as the Coordinator for Corporate Services, gaining tremendous international experience, also specializing in development of information systems in Sweden and abroad as the senior system analys