IMPULS Workshops in Tirana

Representatives of the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies from the West Balkan countries, in cooperation with the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Administration Lantmateriet and Croatian State Geodetic Administration had elaborated on themes of four work working packages under the IMPULS Project.

The IMPULS Workshops for work packages 2, 3, 4 and 5 held in Tirana on November 17th to 19th, 2015 were jointly organized by the Land Registration Office of Albania and the State Agency for Geospatial Data of Albania.

Under work package 2 “Rules and Regulations for Data Sharing”, presentation was given on Swedish and Croatian Law on National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Regional cadastral institutions had presented current situation in the field of geodata sharing among the NSDI stakeholders and existing legislation. Particular attention was paid to drafting Laws on National Spatial Data Infrastructure in the countries of the region, followed by detailed discussion on the components that such law must contain in order to successfully regulate the spatial data infrastructure.

Work package 3 “Data Harmonization” was dedicated to solving the existing problems finalizing the activities on harmonizing previously agreed datasets for Administrative Units and Digital Elevation Model in line with the INSPIRE Technical Specifications. During the present workshop, activities were initiated to harmonize a new dataset – Geographic Names. Recommendations for harmonization and experience in this field were provided by Swedish and Croatian experts. The focus was also directed towards planning the national-level workshops within each institution in the project. Participants had presented their plans regarding inclusion of new stakeholders at the national level, exchange of experience and current problems regarding the activities planning.

During the workshop for work package 4 “Metadata and Quality Evaluation”, the first order of business was review of previously defined goals regarding metadata production for the two datasets – Administrative Units and Digital Elevation Model. Experiences were shared, together with the problems encountered by the working package participants while producing metadata, followed by summarizing results achieved. The participants were presenting the problems they were facing during metadata collection, using metadata input software, along with the problems they have within their units regarding organizing the work pertaining to the project. Swedish experts provided advice and opinion on resolving some of the problems presented. They also introduced participants in more detail with the process of service metadata production and indicated the importance of cooperation with the project participants under work package three “Data Harmonization” and five “Dissemination”. At the end, the plan of next steps under the working package was defined, along with the activity plan for the workshop scheduled for March next year.

Task of the working package “Dissemination (Geoportals and Web Services)” is to establish national metadata catalogues for dissemination of spatial data sets and web services.

Objective of the IMPULS Project is to support realization of the INSPIRE Directive goals by developing technical interoperability and platform for spatial data and services sharing among the national and regional governmental organs.

Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Administration Lantmateriet and eight Cadastral-Mapping institutions from the West Balkan countries had signed the Agreement on Project Implementation to support Spatial Data Infrastructure establishing.