IMPULS workshop in Sarajevo

Representatives of the National Agencies for Cartography and Cadastre of the Western Balkan region in cooperation with the Swedish Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registration Agency Lantmateriet and the Croatian State Geodetic Administration dealt with the themes of the work packages of the IMPULS project.

IMPULS workshops for work packages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, which were held from 10th to 12th of May 2016, were organized by the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs in Sarajevo, the Federation of BiH.

At work packages WP1 and WP6 it was talked about the shared vision and future activities, as well as the previously activities within the project. It was discussed the new pilot project, and then the application that would serve for better communication and exchange between countries within the project .Also it was discussed the expansion of the available data sets and services between the participating countries in the project as well as on the national level between the various institutions.

Within the work package WP2 “Data exchange rules and regulations” map of cooperation was presented, which precisely describes the cooperation between the work packages, in order to simplify and define cooperation and interrelation between work packages. Swedish experts were presented and further clarify the copyright and licensing for use of public sector information. The agreement for cooperation for NSDI users and producers of data was reviewed. Swedish experts presented the experience in the identification of the institutions responsible for each data set.

Within the work package WP3 “Data harmonization” the emphasis was on a better understanding of the INSPIRE technical specifications as well as the start on the harmonization of the new data set – Digital orthophoto. Their experiences for the harmonization of that data set were presented by colleagues from Sweden and Croatia. During the workshop the impact of changes in the reference coordinate system to harmonized data were discussed as well as activities which should be done. Also it was discussed the working processes and the establishment of operating procedures, as well as opportunities for better coordination between work packages. The further steps that needs to be done before the next workshop were specified.

Workshop within the work package WP4 “Metadata and Quality” was initiated by verbal presentation on the performance of the participants to perform the tasks set at the previous workshop in Tirana. All participants presented their results and the problems they encountered during the collection and preparation of metadata, and then there was also a practical demonstration of the software for editing metadata by colleagues from the Federal Geodetic Administration with comments from Swedish experts, and discussion of all members of the package . In this workshop once again highlighted the importance of cooperation of members of WP4 with members of WP3 and WP5, and cooperation of members from different institutions within the work package to make it easier of overcoming any problems. It was agreed to continue to work intensively on metadata according to list of priority and to start drafting User manual intended for institutions that should be engaged in creating metadata.

The task of work package WP5 “Dissemination (geoportals and web services)” is to establish a national catalog for metadata for dissemination of data sets and web spatial data services.

The objective of IMPULS project is to support realization of the objectives of the INSPIRE Directive through the development of technical interoperability and platform for the exchange of spatial data sets and services between public authorities at national and regional level.

Swedish Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registration Agency Lantmateriet and eight cadastral and cartographic institutions of Western Balkan countries signed an agreement on the implementation of the project in order to support the establishment of spatial data infrastructure.