IMPULS Workshop in Belgrade

On March 22nd 2016 in Belgrade, organized by the Republic Geodetic Authority, National Workshop of the working group 6 : Risk management and prevention IMPULS project entitled “Map of land cover” was held.

Besides the representatives of the Republic Geodetic Authority workshop was attended by representatives of numerous national institutions, and experience in cooperation at national and European level with the audience was shared by Ms. Asa Sehlestedt an expert of IMPULS project.

The workshop was opened by the Assistant Director of Sector for Information and Communication, Mr. Veselin Bakić, and Head of the Department of Topography and Cartography Ms. Jelena Matić Varenica, who stressed the importance of spatial data and the role of the Republic Geodetic Authority in the management and prevention of risks. There followed a meeting with the theme Land cover and the INSPIRE directive, which was talking a guest from Sweden who is one of the participants in writing INSPIRE technical specifications for the topic Land cover from Sweden Geodetic Administration (Lantmäteriet).

Attendees had the opportunity to hear and exchange experience with an expert in connection with the specification of Land cover and the recommendations and requirements of the INSPIRE Directive. Status of making Basic land cover map in the Republic of Serbia, experiences and plans, was presented by Mr. Marko Bugarski from the Department of Topography and Cartography of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

In the afternoon session of the workshop, expert from Sweden introduced the participants with creating of Maps of land cover in Sweden and ELF (European Location Framework) project, as well as the implementation of the Natura 2000 project in Sweden, followed by a constructive discussion by the representatives of RGA and national institutions on the possibilities of use of spatial data in the field of monitoring changes, prediction and adequate response to climate changes, urban planning, as well as the exchange of data between institutions