IMPULS Workshop held in Durres

Representatives of the National agencies for cartography and cadastre from the Western Balcan region, in cooperation with the Swedish agency for Mapping, Cadastre and Land registration Lantmateriet and the Croatian State Geodetic Authority held a workshop in the period 18-20 October in Durres, Albania

РThe workshop was opened by Mrs. Milena Harito, Minister for Innovation, public administration and the chief register of Albania. On this occasion, the Mininister supported the IMPULS project and stressed the importance of the regional spatial data infrastructure. After the introductory speech, experts from IMPULS project presented “Introduction to workshop and better understanding of the SDI”. Macedonian Crisis Management has presented user view on the results obtained from the first use case of the IMPULS project. In addition to this, a new project “BestSDI” was presented coordinated by the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb.

After that, the workshop was divided into two groups. The first group was working on the tasks related to the establishment of the national metadata catalogue service with the practical examples of the Swedish and Croatian metadata catalogues. The second group dealt with the role of coordinator and ways in which to conduct a national spatial data infrastructure.

On the second day of the workshop the two groups were formed and dealt with problems that arise in practice related to the storage of data and network services, metadata validation, reconfiguration of virtual applications of network services, implementation of the NSDI strategy and the adoption of the necessary secondary legislation regarding NSDI. After that the national agreements on the exchange, access and use of geodata among the NSDI subjects were presented.

On the third day of the workshop was meeting of the national coordinators where was discussed the possibilities for the extension of the project and further expert assistance required for the development of the regional spatial data infrastructure.

Objective of the IMPULS Project is to support realization of the INSPIRE Directive goals by developing technical interoperability and platform for spatial data and services sharing among the national and regional governmental organs.

Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Administration Lantmateriet and eight Cadastral-Mapping institutions from the West Balkan region had signed the Agreement on Project Implementation to support Spatial Data Infrastructure establishing.