Improving Institutional Cooperation within the framework of the NSDI

Representatives of the Center of Geospatial Information Management, together with colleagues from other departments of the Republic Geodetic Authority, visited the Diractorate for Agricultural Land, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia and the Joint Stock Company for the management of public rail infrastructure “Railway Infrastructure of Serbia” on January 16th and 17th.

The reason for the visit was firstly, introducing RGA representatives with the use of geospatial data and related services within the mentioned institutions, secondly, RGA to present the new digital platform of NSDI.

After the presentations, employees are trained to improve their work processes in the best way using the digital platform and to easily collect new or update existing data that are important both for their work and the state and citizens.

The Republic Geodetic Authority will continue to work on improving cooperation in the field of NSDI in order to further develop geosector in Serbia.

RGA for the institutions that are interested, it will contribute to the constant improvement of business operations of institutions for which geospatial data are of importance in carrying out activities within their competence.