Imagery of TerraSarX and Pleiades satellite systems on geoportal

Satellite imagery provided through the IGIS project is published on the geoportal.

Under the scope of the IGIS project through the cooperation between Republic Geodetic Authority and company „Airbas Defense and Space” are obtained urgent data on demand from the radar and satellite system for the areas affected by the flood.

The data for monitoring of effects of the flood are published on the geoportal “GeoSerbia”:

  • Radar imagery TerraSarX resolution 8,25m taken on 24th January 2011.

  • Radar imagery TerraSarX resolution 8,25m taken on 16th May 2014.

  • Water areas caused by the flood are made by detection of the radar imagery on 16th May 2014 as well status of water courses and permanent water areas on 24th January 2011.

  • Satellite imagery Pleiades resolution 0.5m for area of municipality Krupanj taken on 21st May 2014
    Spatial data for monitoring of the floods effects are available for view on the geoportal under the category Floods 2014.

More details about the data provided within IGIS project for emergency situations are given in the metadata on the page for metadata browsing.

Republic Geodetic Authority will continue to publish on the geoportal data obtain within the IGIS project and other sources for monitoring of flood consequence.