Hydrography from EuroRegionalMap on the geoportal

Hydrographical network form topographic data set EuroRegionalMap is available on the geoportal

Within EuroGeographic framework, association of the European National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies, the pan-European topographic products has been created based on official national data from members. Besides other products, Republic Geodetic Authority is involved actively in EuroRegionalMap production.

EuroRegionalMap is pan-European topographic data set at scale 1:250 000 containing themes: administrative boundaries, hydrography, transport, settlement, vegetation and soil, named location, point of interest and miscellaneous topographic elements. Administrative unites and hydrography for the territory of Serbia has been included in EuroRegionalMap ver. 6.0 since 2013.

The National Hydrographical network within EuroRegionalMap data set covers the following feature classes:

  • DAMC – Dam, weir and lock portrayed by point

  • DAML – Dam, weir and lock portrayed by line

  • LAKERESA – Lake, pond and reservoir

  • ISLANDA – Island

  • SPRINGP – Spring, hot spring, (isolated node)

  • SPRINGC – Spring, water hole (connected node)

  • SWAMPA – Wetland (swamp, bog, moor)

  • RAPIDSC – Waterfall

  • WATRCRSL – Watercourse portrayed by line

  • WATRCRSА – Watercourse portrayed by polygon

The Hydrographical network is produced in line with the EuroRegionalMap Technical Specification and Data Catalogue as well as the Technical Producer Guide ver. 4.6, adjusted to scale 1:250 000. In such way, the linear hydrographical network is fully connected and suitable for geospatial analysis.

The basic source for production of the Hydrographical network was vector data from topographic maps 1:200 000 and 1:300 000. Additional sources for data acquisition are used: ortophoto from CARDS program; SPOT5 mosaic resolution 2.5m provided within IGIS project; scanned topographic maps 1: 25 000, 1:100 000 and 1: 200 000.

Having in mind that the ERM technical specifications requires a number of mandatory attributes, which are not within the jurisdiction of the Republic Geodetic Authority, an agreement on data sharing has been signed with the Directorate for Water. The Water Information System is used as an additional source for obtaining attributes on national watercourse hierarchy, national ID, navigability and alike.

The next production phase includes harmonisation and edge matching of hydrographic features across international borders in cooperation with national institutions, members of EuroGeographics, in order to reach a seamless reference data sets at the European level.