GREAT SUCCESS: RGZ website in the top 40 most visited sites in Serbia

The Republic Geodetic Authority is, according to the latest list of the most visited sites of the company Alexa Internet Inc. (, which is part of the world’s largest company Amazon, took 40th place in Serbia and thus became the only state institution in Serbia and the only cadastral and cartographic institution in Europe that is in the top 50 sites at the national level.

The popularity of the website of the Republic Geodetic Authority among citizens is proof that digitalization in state bodies is feasible despite resistance. The introduction of a large number of digital electronic services that can be used completely free of charge through the RGA website is the result of a user- and service-oriented approach by the RGA management and the Government of Serbia.

We emphasize that thanks to the project “Improvement of Land Administration in Serbia,” implemented with the support of the World Bank, citizens through the RGA website are able to see data on each plot, building or apartment in Serbia and their owners through the eCadastre application, inspect and use more than 280 sets of public sector data on the Geosrbija portal, download digitally signed solutions on the electronic bulletin board, get information in the Info Center, while through eRequest they can schedule an appointment to submit a request at the Cadastre counter and check the status of their case. They can report the objection to the work of the service through the eComplaints application, they can check of the value of their real estate in the Price Register. The mobile applications Geosrbija and Geosrbija Kat are also available to citizens.

The RGA information system responds a fascinating 10.7 million inquiries per month and records over 1.02 million requests made by over 400,000 different users. The average response time is 0.03 seconds.

This recognition is also proof that the services of the RGA are transparent and accessible, which are two of the four main goals of the project “Improvement of Land Administration in Serbia”. When the modernization and reforms of the institutions implemented through the project are completed, the land administration system will become fully efficient. This major and important news is also an indicator that the real estate market in Serbia is very developed and that construction will be an important factor in the progress of the economy and the sector that will affect the growth of Serbia’s GDP.