Geosrbija and National spatial data infrastructure under the circumstances of COVID 19

Dear customers,

In the emerging situation of general health crisis we would like to inform you that there are no interference with the operation of our internal and customer-oriented services, so we encourage you to access data and services as before.

Our priority is to ensure the operation of the Digital platform for NSDI with all the functionality so far, as well as the regular functioning of other services available through Geoserbia portal for both professional users and public access.

As before, you can contact us by email:  for asking questions about establishing cooperation and providing services and for any technical questions regarding the functioning of the services and user support.

Also, we hereby encourage you to look for us on the Collaborative Platform located at:

It is a new service of the National spatial data infrastructure that aims to enhance communication and collaboration between users, producers and distributors of geospatial data. This site is intended for customer support, bug reporting, training, briefing, sharing ideas and considering new opportunities.

Please stay at home, ask your questions and let we help reduce the number of patients together.


Republic Geodetic Authority