Geosrbija and National Spatial Data Infrastructure in the National Academy of Public Administration Training Program

At its session held on December 26, 2019, the Government of the Republic of Serbia included the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in the General Training Program for Civil Servants for 2020. Employees in the public sector who are so required at their workplace will be able to attend training provided by professional and accredited lecturers from the Republic Geodetic Authority and thus obtain the appropriate certification.

The Republic Geodetic Authority, in cooperation with the National Academy of Public Administration, has prepared a training program entitled “With National Spatial Data Infrastructure Towards Better Administration and Better Public Services” that deals with Geosrbija digital platform, importance of the NSDI, the implementation of the Law on NSDI, the role of different institutions, the importance of a strategically defined common approach to the advancement of NSDI, as well as models for the use and sharing of data.

Adoption of the NSDI training program is an important step towards raising public sector capacity and improving the situation in this area in the Republic of Serbia, which will enable the Government and institutions to improve the decision-making process and the implementation of tasks within their jurisdiction by using geospatial data, improving public services and accessibility data aimed at supporting the economic development of the Republic of Serbia, reducing administrative costs and more efficient public administration.

You can download the training program at: