Forest cover map on Geoportal

Forest Cover Map is published on the geoportal “GeoSerbia” for the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Карта шумског покривача израђена је на основу снимака SPOT 5 оптичког сателитског система, просторне резолуције 10 m, прикупљених током 2011. године. Снимци су обезбеђени у оквиру реализације пројекта “Успостављање националне инфраструктуре геопросторних података и Центра за даљинску детекцију Републике Србије – засновано на систему IGIS”.

Forest cover map was produced using images of SPOT 5 optical satellite system, with the spatial resolution of 10 m, that were aquered during 2011. The imagery is provided within the project “Establishment of National Spatial Data Infrastructure and the Centre for Remote Sensing of the Republic of Serbia – based on the IGIS system “.

Semi-automatic analysis of orthorectified satellite imagery was performed using software packages Overland and eCognition. Additionally, ArcGIS software was used for the final phase of forest cover production.

Forest Cover Map contains classes:

  • coniferous forests

  • deciduous forests

  • mixed forests

Classification quality validation of the forest cover was performed through control points, and the overall clasification accuracy is 95%.

Forest Cover Map data set is part of the development of comprehensive product Generic Land Cover Map.

For additional information, please contact the Department of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at tel. 011/715-2689.