Floods 2014: The new imagery of Pleiades satellite system is obtained for municipality of Krupanj

The imagery of Pleiades optical system is published on the geoportal “geoSrbija”.

Republic Geodetic Authority obtained, through the IGIS project “Establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and the Center for Remote Sensing of the Republic of Serbia – based on IGIS system”, a new imagery of Pleiades optical satellite system with resolution of 0.5m, acquired on 8th June 2014 for the area of Krupanj municipality, affected by flood and landslides.

Based on the imagery acquired on 21st May 2014 and 8th June 2014 as well as on additional spatial data, Republic Geodetic Authority will make analyses of changes of rivers streams location and will define zones potentially affected by landslides in the municipality of Krupanj.