Floods 2014: The first results of the analysis of the flooding for the part of the Western Serbia

Republic Geodetic Authority has published the first results of the analyses of flooding for the part of the Western Serbia on 19th of May 2014.

On the 12th of June 2014, the Unit for Remote Sensing completed a preliminary analysis of flooding for the part of the Western Serbia with a total area of 6 786 km2. Analysis was performed by using the imagery of SPOT6 satellite system acquired on 19th May 2014, through the implementation of the IGIS project “Establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and the Center for Remote Sensing of the Republic of Serbia – based on IGIS system”.

Classification of surfaces covered by water and the areas where the soil is saturated by water was performed using software packages Overland and eCognition as well as visual interpretation of the processed satellite images.

Data acquisition on the field for the control of the analyses was not done, so the classification of the land saturated with water, in case when it is populated with high vegetation, is of less reliability than the classification of areas under the water.

Application of remote sensing in the case of natural disasters effectively provides information on the extent of the affected areas and intensity of natural disasters, which are of great importance for the planning of a protection system and making optimal decisions under the process of damage repairing.

Results of the analyses are available on the National Geoportal www.geosrbija.rs under the category Floods 2014.

More information on the data provided within the IGIS project and how you can get the data are available via phone: 011/715-2689 (RGA – Department for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing), email: tik@rgz.gov.rs.