Floods 2014: Produced digital orthophoto for the part of the Krupanj settlement

Republic geodetic authority in cooperation with the company “GeoGIS Consultants” produced high-resolution digital orthophoto for the part of the Krupanj settlement affected by recent floods.

On the basis of cooperation between Republic geodetic authority and the company “GeoGIS Consultants” was implemented donor project of digital orthophoto production for the part of the municipality of Krupanj. The project was implemented for the needs of rehabilitation of the flooded areas, regulation of the riverbeds as well as for prevention and remediation of landslides.

Image acquisition was performed on 04th of June 2014, with the unmanned aerial photogrammetric system “Sensefly eBee”of “GeoGIS Consultants”company. Also, the field work was done with the purpose of data collection for the orientation and control points. The narrow area along the river flows of Likodra, Zmajevac and Cadjavica of Krupanj settlement, with total area of 400 hectares, was comprised by the project. After data collection, digital orthophoto of 13 cm resolution, digital terrain model and analysis of the profiles of river flows for the regulation of riverbeds was done.

All data will be submitted to the competent authorities of Krupanj municipality.

Produced digital orthophoto is available for review on national geoportal “Geosrbija” in category “Floods 2014”.

For additional information, contact the Department for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at tel. 011/715-2689.