Floods 2014: Aerial acquisition of landslide in Mali Zvornik by Unmanned Aerial Vehical

Orthophoto of the landslide area in the municipality of Mali Zvornik was published on the geoportal.

Based on the cooperation of RGA with the company Livona Ltd, ortoforto was provided and published on the geoportal for landslide area in Mali Zvornik. Acquisition was done at the request of Municipality of Mali Zvornik for the purpose of monitoring the terrain affected by floods. Data obtained by acquisition can be used to provide information necessary to resolve the issues of prevention and remediation of landslides.

Aerial Acquisition was carried out on 20th May 2014 by Unmanned Aerophotogrametric System “Sensefly eBee”. On this occasion, the area of the landslide in Mali Zvornik was covered, near the bridge on the river Drina in the area of 36.6 hectares. The average accomplished resolution of image is 7cm/piksel.

Ortophoto of the landslide in Mali Zvornik is available for view on the geoportal in category Floods 2014.