Explanatory screening for Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change

The explanatory screening of the Negotiation Group 27 takes place in Brussels in the period 15 – 19 September 2014.

The explanatory screening was opened on 15 September 2014 for Chapter 27, during which the following areas will be discussed: horizontal legislation, air quality, noise protection, waste management, water quality, nature protection, chemicals, industrial pollution, risk management and climate changes.

National Plan for the Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA) defines the competence of the ministries, special organizations and other organizations for following of the regulations of the European Union according to the negotiating chapters. Within the horizontal legislation area, Republic Geodetic Authority is in charge to follow the INSPIRE directive.

The explanatory screening represents the first phase of the screening process, where the European Commission represents EU Acquis divided into negotiating chapters. The main goal of the screening is to make an overview of the legislation of a candidate country and evaluation to which extent is legislation harmonised with the EU acquis for each negotiation chapter.

Within the preparations, the Negotiating group 27 has defined the questions for the meeting within the explanatory screening in link with the EU Acquis which require explanations from the representatives of the European Commission.

Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection manages the activities of the Negotiating team for Chapter 27 and coordinates activities related to the organisation of meetings for screening. In addition to the members of the Negotiation team, explanatory screening meeting is attended by the representatives of the European Integration Office and Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the EU.

On 16 September 2014, the representative of the European Commission, Mr Hugo De Groof, presented the INPSPIRE directive, the basic components and successful examples of the application of spatial data management in case of flood risk mapping, air quality control and its impact on health. Having in mind that the Draft Law on NSDI is being prepared in order to reach full transposition of INSPIRE directive, Republic Geodetic Authority has sent questions related to the particular issues that requires explanations and recommendations of the representative of the European Commission.

The bilateral screening is planned to take place in November, to assess the readiness of the candidate country and the level of compliance of its legal regulation with EU Acquis in the environmental area.