ELF WP3 Kick-off meeting New Partners

In the period from 10.03. to 11.03.2016 kick-off meeting for new member institutions was held In Frankfurt (Work Package 3 ELF services and data content).

During the meeting main objectives of the project were presented, what was done in the previous three years, expectations of new partners, ELF products as the final result of the project and GeoTools used for the formation of these products.

The scope of the meeting was to give the technical experts from new ELF Partners a profound general background for the project. In particular, most central technical components were explained and discussed to ensure that the new Partners would have the best basis to fulfill their obligations and deliverables in the ELF project.

ELF provides to new partners concept, adequate GeoTools, support, so that through their national services they can be involved in the formation of the final products. These are Cadastral index map, Topographic basemap, Geolocator, download services. It was proposed new creation of wmts service from national orotofoto services.

GeoTools used in the project are Оskari, ArcGis online cloud base platform, Snowflake GoPublisher transformation, HALE, 1Spatial Cloud tool, ArcGis Data reviewer tool, PP Repair check, GeoProductFinder, 1Integrate edge matching tool, arcgis edge matching tool, SLD editor tool, 1Generalise and others. Commercial tools are free to use for elf partners next two years if they provide data, and not for other purposes.

Also, at the meeting were presented basic requirements that national services must meet , the way in which services are reported for testing and other administrative details like the role of the regional coordinators of the project.