Beginning of the implementation of the project funded by PROFID

Implementation of the project “Harmonisation with EU legislation in the field of Spatial Data Infrastructure through defining of the Technical Specifications for the new National Geoportal in accordance with the INSPIRE requirements” has begun.

On 23 and 24 September 2014, in the premises of the Republic Geodetic Authority, an introductory visit of the consultants from IGN France International was held, who, after the evaluation of the bids, were selected to implement this project. The goal of the introductory visit was to review and analyze functionalities and performances of the initial Geoportal and existing technical infrastructure, as well as defining the objectives and detailed work plan.

During the project implementation it is planned to hold a round table with the participation of all stakeholders, where consultants will present the draft technical specifications. After considering the suggestions and objections on the draft of technical specifications, the consultants are required to submit a final version of the technical specifications for the development of a new National Geoportal according to the INSPIRE requirements by 15 December 2014.

Technical specification represents the necessary documentation for the implementation of the tender documentations and selection of contractor that will develop the software application for the new National Geoportal. It is planned that development of the National Geoportal is financed from the World Bank’s loan.