Basic Knowledge of NSDI and Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Within the Swedish donor project IMPULS, in Gävle ,Kingdom of Sweden, on 25th and 26th of November in the Lantmäteriet premises a workshop on “Basic knowledge of NSDI and stakeholder involvement” was held.

The workshop was attended by representatives of cadastral and cartographic institutions from the Western Balkans, as well as representatives of stakeholders within Work Package 6 – Benefits of IMPULSE project. The workshop was led by a Swedish expert Anders Rydén.

On the first day of the workshop participants discussed the cooperation between national stakeholders, and the example of cooperation between the Nordic countries in the framework of the project Nordiskt tesprojekt (NORDING Datasharing Project) was presented. It was discussed about strategies related to data: what data is needed from each beneficiary agencies, how the stakeholder can access the data, how it will be used, who is responsible for what, as well as what the obligations of stakeholders are. A special emphasis was on the institutions in the area of risk, crisis and hazards.

As an example of the “use case” for crisis management Macedonian Information System of wildfires was presented. This system combines data from different sources, and the goal is a quick and effective action in crisis situations. The system is fully developed in open source solutions, and is accessible to all users.

On the second day of the workshop experiences were exchanged about current developments in the field of NSDI as well as the promotion of cooperation and raising awareness of geospatial information. It was agreed to create a questionnaire that will be distributed to stakeholders in all participating countries linked to the current state and future development of sharing a spatial information. At the end of the second day of the workshop, experts from the Swedish company Carmenta presented their service ResQMap for crisis response. A typical example of using this system is to support command centers services for urgent action, and also to give a support to the border police.

The workshop was participated a representative of RGA, who presented the current status of the NSDI and cooperation of stakeholders in the country. One of the conclusion of the workshop was that so far the best results in the field of geoportals and services was achieved by the Republic Geodetic Authority.