Artificial area map on Geoportal

Artificial area map is published on the geoportal “GeoSerbia” for the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Artificial area map was produced using images of SPOT 5 optical satellite system, with the spatial resolution of 10 m, aquered during 2011. The imagery is provided within the project “Establishment of National Spatial Data Infrastructure and the Centre for Remote Sensing of the Republic of Serbia – based on the IGIS system “.

Semi-automatic analysis of orthorectified satellite imagery was performed by using software packages eCognition and ArcGIS. Artificial surfaces include all surfaces resulting from human activity (urban areas, landfills, quarries, brick ponds etc.).

Classification quality validation of the artificial area was performed through control points, and the overall clasification accuracy is 99%.

Artificial area map data set is part of the development of more comprehensive product – Generic Land Cover Map.