9th NSDI Council session

On 29th of February 2016 in Repulbic geodetic authority NSDI Council held its ninth session

After the adoption of the agenda , the minutes of meeting of the eighth Council and the annual report on the activities of the establishment of the NSDI for the year of 2015, members of the NSDI Council discussed of the draft Law on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure . The proposal to begin a public discussion was supported and that the Law on NSDI be adopted by the end of 2016 . When the Act comes into force INSPIRE Directive of the European Parliament will be fully transposed into national legislation.

Members of the NSDI Council were informed about upcoming activities within the IMPULS project , and in particular on the preparation of national workshops which will be held on 22ndand 23rd of March 2016, and be hosted by the Republic Geodetic Authority .

According to the Law on State Survey and Cadastre main role of the NSDI Council is to manage the creation of institutional and technical framework for the establishment of a common geoinformation infrastructure on a national level, through the formulation of clear guidelines and resources to achieve this objective. The bodies responsible for establishing and maintaining of NSDI are NSDI Council and NSDI working groups. The authorizations of the NSDI Council are defined by the Article 167 of the Law on State Survey and Cadastre.