10th NSDI Council session

On 30th of March 2017 in Republic geodetic authority NSDI Council held its tenth session

After the adoption of the agenda , the minutes of meeting of the nineth Council and the annual report on the activities of the establishment of the NSDI for the year of 2016, members of the NSDI Council were informed by director of RGA Borko Drašković of the status of draft Law on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. When the Act comes into force INSPIRE Directive of the European Parliament will be fully transposed into national legislation. Director of the RGA also highlighted the economic effect of successfully established of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure and its impact to GDP.

Darko Vučetić, Head of Department for the establishment and development of the NSDI, gave a presentation in which he presented future activities in the framework of the NSDI. Special attention was focused on sustainable development and the importance of geospatial data, as well as the importance of active participation of all stakeholders of NSDI and cooperation.

National Spatial Data Infrastructure should provide a common national framework for access to information relevant to the environment, management of extraordinary situations due to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, forest fires and etc. Successfully established of NSDI represents a significant basis for E-government.

The task of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure is the establishment and maintenance of international cooperation for the mutual exchange of information and geoservices, with importance of cooperation at European level in the field of geoinformation